Your warehouses are a crucial link in your company’s supply chain: pivot points in the movement of your goods. As such, careful thought must go into both the location and the operational requirements of each industrial space. Our Industrial Services group is unusually adept at finding the right building, without you needing to adjust your requirements.

We take a holistic view of your entire supply chain. We look beyond just rent to the equally important costs associated with transportation, fuel, and labor. In short, we combine our considerable real estate savvy with an unmatched understanding of the broader issues of supply chain management.

We provide the full range of integrated services from strategic planning, to transaction management, to project management — with each service accessible from a single point of contact. These include:

  • Transaction Management
  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Strategies
  • Location Planning
  • Lease Administration
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Capital Markets
  • Facilities Services

Before you try to fit your supply chain requirements into a space that doesn’t work, talk to us about meeting those requirements in an unbiased, strategically-sound manner.